Friday, February 15, 2013

Samgyeopsal Day

Last Wednesday, my high school friend who just returned from a six-month stay in China went to UP to have lunch with me. She is a lover of Korean culture (she even went to Korea for one year as an exchange student). I, on the other hand, may not be a lover of K-pop but I do love Korean food and Korean comedy-drama!

We went to Kalayaan Avenue for late lunch. There are a lot of Korean restaurants along Kalayaan. I've been meaning to try them but I waited for my friend to arrive before going to one. (Well, actually, my friend and I have been to one before but that was years ago.)

We went to one of the restaurants almost just across Kamay Kainan and I'm sorry for not catching its name because I did not notice any English name (and I was really hungry too).

We ordered unlimited samgyeopsal (PhP299 per person) as my friend suggested. Samgyeopsal is grilled pork belly that you wrap in greens (like lettuce). My friend also put garlic, kimchi and rice inside the lettuce so I just imitated what she did with her food.

I really enjoyed five of the seven side dishes! Also, see the lettuce at the corner of the table?

pork belly and soup

I like how Koreans eat their food too-- with stainless steel chopsticks and a long spoon.

I think I'm totally falling in love with Korean food. For one, I love spicy food. (I actually have a perpetual craving for spicy food.) Also, I feel healthy when I eat Korean food. They grill their meat (which is relatively healthier because oil gets drained) and they always have vegetables (I swear I love vegetables). The pork belly was fatty but I didn't feel unhealthy at all even after eating a lot because most of what we ate were vegetables.

I think PhP299 was totally worth it because everything is unlimited-- pork belly, greens, side dishes (including kimchi), rice and soup. I should bring friends to this restaurant!

I think I'm getting addicted to kimchi. I should find and buy those kimchi stored in jars.

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