Monday, November 12, 2012

Work All Day. Work All Days.

I love my job. I swear I do. But sometimes, I can't help complaining about its disregard to the time of the day/night and to the days of the week.

Reading journals one night at Moonleaf (where I saw one of my co-instructors reviewing for his board exam).

Red velvet cake from Medchef's stall in Mezza Norte after the Army Navy dinner.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in Tagaytay. No, nothing special and nothing to enjoy. We were discussing work inside a function room for the most part of the days.

I was looking forward to using the swimming pool (I haven't had exercise in ages) after the workshop Saturday session, even at the dead of the night and despite the cold weather but One Tagaytay Place's pool closes at 8pm. Tsk. Disappointing.

There wasn't much to explore during the night and we also had a workshop session early the next day so I ended up buying ice cream and Mudshake and watching an action movie (Unstoppable) at the hotel room.

My weekend. :(

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