Sunday, November 18, 2012

Organizing Closet Doors

While it may not look THAT bad in the photo, my closet door is really disorganized. It's overflowing and occasionally, the belts and necklaces get tangled. 

Initially, only the right door is installed with hooks. My dad put them when they had the closets made almost 8 years ago (at the same time, we moved to our current house). For almost eight years, all my belts, long necklaces and hats are cramped into those six little hooks as shown in the BEFORE photo. I knew it was no longer a question of organization. I really had to install more hooks.

Luckily, after months of procrastination, I was able to drag myself into buying more closet hooks from Japan Home Center in Trinoma. I got 3 boxes of hooks (containing 5 each) for a total of PhP88. 

BEFORE: the right door

I put extra hooks on the left door. I decided that this is where the hats and the necklaces will go.

I'm not exactly a hat person so I thought three hooks would be enough. One for my crochet beret, one for my old newspaper boy hat and another for a fedora that I am yet to buy. :)

Below the hats is where my necklaces went. Before, I put my short chokers in a container with my bracelets and watches and other accessories because I didn't have enough space at the closet door. However, now that I do, all the necklaces, short and long, are together now!

AFTER: the left door

All the belts (with some ribbons and the thin scarf) stayed on the right door. I think they need better organization but I believe this is alright for now. :)

AFTER: the right door


  1. Ohmy, my current closet door looks waaay worse than your Before photo haha! Come to think of it, my left door doesn't have hooks. Maybe it's time I also organize mine :D