Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why I Should Pack Dri-Fit Shirts Next Week

Last Tuesday, I had dinner at Mashitta with Jed and Sir Romeo. I had Bibimbap and we also shared California maki.

I should try more Korean food. I like my food spicy and with vegetables!

Last Wednesday, I had dinner at Burger Project with Sir Romeo and Sir H. Oh Burger Project, you're gonna be the death of my wallet.

Sir H takes his exam seriously/

Oi Sir Romeo, no cheating!

My burger: tofu patty, sesame buns, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, garlic cream cheese and bacon.

Sir Romeo's Krabbi Patti burger.

Last Thursday, I bought some marshmallows and choco chip cookies. First, I lay them out like this, then popped them into the office's microwave and then pressed another choco chip cookie on top.

Here's the final product. Yay comfort food!

Finally, yesterday, we went to the newly-renovated Tokyo Tokyo in Trinoma to try their ramen. I ordered spicy chicken ramen. It was actually good IF ONLY the noodles weren't overcooked! Still, reminded me of the ramen I had in Shibuya last March. At PhP 150, I'm not exactly complaining. Now, at least, I can buy ramen for cheap!

Tsk, I'm gaining weight and I miss jogging around the academic oval so bad. I will pack dri-fit clothes next week, I promise!


  1. The choco chip cookie-marshmallow-choco chip cookie looks great! I want to try that, too! :D

    1. You should! And very easy to make too! I actually got the idea from this romcom movie "Just Wright" :)