Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mapping It Out

I've had this corporate giveaway notebook for some time now. The paper is actually pretty nice but I decided to do something about the cover to make it more interesting. I thought about deco tapes and sakura-shaped paper but then I didn't know how exactly I wanted it.

However, after wasting some minutes on Pinterest (where I saw a furniture covered with maps), I came up with this:

It's great! Every time I need to write down notes or to study, I am reminded of my love for travel, and therefore I am reminded to study and to work even harder. During my spare time, I get to memorize the locations of each country and their capitals as well. The downside, though, is that sometimes, during classes, I get distracted by the map! I'm sorry about that and I'm doing my best not to do it again. :)

I really want to add some more things to the cover like a nameplate, deco tape or airmail stripes. And maybe, just maybe, I think I need to buy more maps to cover some plain boxes. :)

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