Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Nabe Experience

After one of the lecture sessions of TISP 2013, my classmates were discussing what to have for dinner and we ended up having nabe in Shibuya as suggested by our Japanese classmates. (Our lecturers also joined us!) Nabe or Japanese hotpot is usually eaten during cold weather but I didn't really mind that we had it on a summer because I like hotpot and I really wanted to experience nabe in Japan because it's something that I only used to see in Japanese manga/anime/TV drama haha.

two types of soup: sukiyaki (left) and shabu-shabu (right)

See those stacks of black containers? They all contain strips of pork and beef!

I don't remember eating so much meat in my life. I even had two cups of rice that night (considering that I typically eat half a cup of rice).

I'm really thankful that our Japanese classmates accompanied us and even taught us how to eat nabe the Japanese way. (Hey, I would not have known what to dip into what and that raw egg is used as sukiyaki dip!) It's really impractical for me to spend JPY2000 (~PhP900 or ~USD20) for a single dinner but I don't regret that I did. 

Sigh, I'm craving sukiyaki right now. I should scour Landmark this week for sukiyaki ingredients.

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