Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dreamed of the Beach

A few nights ago, I dreamed of the beach. I know it sounds odd with this sweater weather in Manila and all but I kinda wish I were in the beach right now. Rough sand, cool waters, warm sunlight and little swimsuits all sound enticing to me right now.

My last trip to the beach was June 2013, when Rachel (a friend from Texas whom I met during Summer Course 2012) visited Manila and we brought her to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. It was my first time in Nagsasa too although I've been to the nearby Anawangin Cove a few years ago.

Summer Course 2012 mini-reunion!

We left Nagsasa Cove after lunch the next day and went to Talisayen Cove.

Rachel had to have this photo taken haha.

We also went to Capones island to go up the lighthouse. 

That trip left me great memories and terrible sunburns on my nape and arms. I don't want to remember the sunburn part, though. Haha.

a windmill (for water pumping) in Pundaquit

Oh man, this reminds me that I haven't worked out for a week already. I should be preparing myself for summer!


  1. And of course while im reading this entry, am already at my 3rd slice of bread for my night snack. huhu summer body. beautiful beach!

    1. Guilty as well! Let's work (out?) toward that summer body! Go, go, Ghoent! :D