Thursday, January 16, 2014

Katsu in Tokyo

We had lunch at a katsu restaurant in Shinjuku during one of our fieldwork sessions for TISP 2013. Again, I'm thankful that we have our Japanese classmates around to show us where to eat.

The truth is this is my first time at a katsu restaurant. I've never been to Yabu, which is currently famous in Manila. (Everyone's been raving about Yabu but I'm too lazy to go because the lines are always long, they say.)

One of my classmates, Rena, said that this restaurant is quite famous is Tokyo

This lunch set is only JPY980! The price is pretty reasonable for Tokyo standards, I guess.
The cabbage is unlimited. I'm not sure about rice and miso soup because I didn't ask.

I think this is mochi with kinako/soybean powder. I love kinako!
Free dessert from my classmate who had some coupons

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