Saturday, April 20, 2013

Postcard Weekly 04-19-2013

I received four postcards this week!

This is my first maxicard. I've been stumbling across the term "maxicard" in Postcrossing but it was only last week that I decided to look it up the internet. Basically, maxicards (or maximum cards) are postcards whose postage stamps are very similar or related to the picture on the postcard. The postage stamps are ON the face of the postcard and not at the back.

Anyway, back to the postcard, this is from Melbourne, Australia. It's called Puffing Billy, a tourist railway built in 1900 that runs 25 kilometers. Trivia: this postcard traveled from Melbourne to Manila for only 4 days!

This one is from Portugal. It's the "largest inland fortification bastion in the world". 

This is Arkhanpelsk City in Russia.

Lastly, here is a postcard of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada. According to the card, this place is "home to 40 people all-year round [but] thousands will visit each year". Forty people sounds like a typical classroom to me haha.

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