Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coloring and Cleaning on a Saturday

I was feeling so glorious last Saturday morning because I didn't have any immediate self-imposed deadlines to finish. I had forced/motivated myself to finish all the checking [of school requirements] the night before so that I can spend the Saturday for myself.

First thing after breakfast, I brought out my watercolor and brushes. It's been months since I last painted. 

In the afternoon, I reorganized my office supplies (because I was really bothered by the mess). I simply used boxes to compartmentalize my drawer. I used to have my office supplies scattered into different places (on top of my desk, inside my drawer, in my bookshelf). Now they're organized inside one drawer and within arm's reach from my desk/work station.

Look at what I found while I was cleaning: my Geology 11 review materials. When I was an undergraduate student, I liked making my own reviewers before exams because I remember things a lot better when I write them down. :))

I spent the rest of the day cleaning my room, organizing my things and answering to students' emails (which can be a little stressful but I manage anyway). I'll probably need to spend more time during the coming weeks cleaning my room. I hope I'll do a good job!

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