Friday, April 12, 2013

Confetti, DIY Envelopes, Outgoing Mail

I've been sending a lot of mail recently. Maybe it's because I really like sending snail mail or maybe because writing messages and full-length letters by hand relieves my stress and takes out my worries even just for a little while.

Star confetti card

I like making my own envelopes because (1) I can customize the size and (2) they're cheaper. These ones were cut from gift wrappers (which I got from National Book Store for less than PhP15 per roll). I will post more handmade envelope ideas soon (hopefully)!

Sweet stuff also helps. 

I abstained from drinking milk tea during the Lenten season so I couldn't wait to grab a cup from Moonleaf after Easter.

I also haven't been drinking coffee like I used to because I recently got a hyper-acidic stomach (it really hurt). My stomach feels a lot better these days so I treat myself to coffee occasionally. :) Iced coffee is so awesome during the afternoon heat.

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