Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trying Out Tous les Jours

It was my little brother's birthday yesterday and he's been asking me to bake something. Unfortunately, I had a meeting the whole afternoon yesterday so I had no time to bake a cake and I just decided to buy a cake from Tous les Jours.

Since this cute bakery that originated from Korea (despite the French name) opened a branch at SM North, I've been telling myself  "I should try that." but I never really got around to do so (what's new?) until recently. I bought an Apple Inspiration cake (PhP548). It's a strawberry-flavored cake that takes the shape of an apple (odd, I know).

It came with cute long candles (like the birthday candles we see in Korean TV dramas).

Here's how it looks like inside. There's little sponge cake inside and some real strawberries. It's a very pretty and adorable cake (the whole family agrees) but it's not exactly our cup of tea (or slice of cake?) 

I'm not dismissing Tous les Jours though! I want to try their cheesecake and the mocha crunch cake next time I feel like splurging and too busy to make my own cake.

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