Monday, January 28, 2013

Postcard Weekly 01-23-2013

Wednesday last week, I went home to 5 new postcards!

The day before, I got one postcard from my orgmate Roxy which made me smile. That day, I received FOUR more from her! It made me smile again from ear to ear. :)

Here is Kumamoto Castle (in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan). I love this postcard because it shows a beautiful structure embraced by the sakura trees. 

Here is Roxy's "favorite scene": Huis Ten Bosch, a Holland-inspired theme park in Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki. According to her, the One Piece Thousand Sunny Ship is "docked" here!

Here's an animated version of Shuri Castle in Okinawa (the southern part of Japan). It looks so festive!

Here's a postcard of Hello Kitty and his boyfriend (According to Roxy, Hello Kitty has a boyfriend in Japan. Cute, right??) with a mouse under the sakura trees! It's my first Hello Kitty postcard and honestly, I've always wanted one.

Roxy's postcards made me realize that aside from those in my bucket list, there's still a bunch of places worth visiting in Japan. :)

Finally, here's the fifth postcard. It's from Belarus. These are puppets by Iva Perinova. They're kind of scary/creepy but I don't get a lot of postcards like this. :) 

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