Sunday, January 6, 2013

Organizing Ribbons and Lace Trims

Two days ago, I bought some ribbons and lace because an orgmate asked me to do some costume accessories (hats, cuffs, chokers) for her and for her sister that they'll be wearing to the upcoming AME 1UP.

The next day, yesterday, I really wanted to start working on them because inspiration was there and I wanted to take advantage of it. However, my OC self was also kicking in. I couldn't start sewing unless I had all my ribbons (old and new) organized neatly.

This is how I used to organize my ribbons: the thin ribbons are kept together by paper tubes or tape while the thicker ones are simply rolled together and then I put everything in a box. It's not that bad but I knew that something better could be done and that was my goal.

I'm sorry for not showing the photo of the whole box. I was too excited on organizing that I forgot to take a "before" photo. I've already started organizing when I took the photos above. (See the cutting mat?)

Before, I've seen a ribbon organization technique that involves a basket and wooden sticks. This technique, however, is not feasible for me because I don't buy ribbons by the spool-- I buy them by the meter, depending on my needs.

photo from web
Yesterday, I felt a bit more motivated to organize my ribbons and found this site [at the top results]. Finally, I found something that will work for me.

  1. I cut some cardboard (recycled).
  2. I wrapped the ribbons around the cardboard.
  3. I secured the roll with a rubber band (recycled too).
See, it was easy and costs nothing! I'm so happy that my ribbon box is finally organized. I should probably put some dividers inside the box next time but this will do for now. 

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