Monday, September 19, 2011

Things I Miss: Studying

No, really.

trusty calculator since high school!

Nowadays, I'm the one who's giving the exams and checking tons of papers. Nowadays, I'm the one standing with my back facing the whiteboard (except when I'm writing on it).

I realized this last Saturday while proctoring an exam. I haven't been taking exams for a long time. Although I don't miss the sleepless nights at all, I miss those days when I study, make index card reviewers and solve sample exams before an exam. Coming from the College of Engineering, we rarely write papers (sometimes, we'd write laboratory reports) but our grades mostly depended on exams. I even had a subject wherein the final grade was solely based on long exams (quizzes, homeworks and attendance had no bearing)!

studying for my ES 12 exam back in 2008 when my desk had less clutter
studying essentials: laptop, scratch papers, pen, calculator and COFFEE!

A sample exam from year 2000

Although, yes, being an instructor compels me to study but it's basically just review as I've already learned these things years ago.

solving a problem on Impact

It's not going to be long though before I study again. I'll be starting master's on June 2012. I'm still torn between majoring in Structural Engineering and in Environmental Engineering. 

I'm actually expected to take Structural Engineering because my research track is in Structural Engineering. And there's another research project which will get me busy until 2013! But then I'm not the kind of person who does things just because of expectations. I'm stubborn like that!

And besides, there's so much Structural Engineers already! There are a lot of students (in UP alone) who are majoring in Structural Engineering.

Isn't it obvious where I'm getting at? Right now, I'm geared towards Environmental Engineering. I just hope I can stick to that decision until May 2012. :)


  1. doseeeeee omg spell trauma. hahaha! i don't miss studying at all. (ang sama ko talaga) but i do miss being at UP! =) ill be back there tom to clear up some deficiencies, haha define irresposible student. hope i bump into you! :D good luck with the course you'll be taking! =)

  2. Siguro nami-miss ko lang dahil feeling ko mas madaling mag-aral kaysa magturo/magtrabaho! Although last sem, sinabi ko "ayoko na mag-aral" Hahaha! :))

    Uwo, hope to see you too, Ghoent!