Friday, September 16, 2011

Reserach revives a childhood memory

When I was very young, my family went to Rizal Park a few times and I remember my parents emphasizing how Manila Hotel was the most famous and perhaps the best hotel during that time. 

Today, I went to Manila Hotel to attend the ERDT Conference. When we got to the lobby, I suddenly remembered that Rizal Park childhood memory and how I'd always see that tall building with a green roof between Central Terminal and U.N. Avenue Station every time I took the LRT going to my high school. Nostalgia.

I had initially wanted to skip the conference to rest because my throat has been really bad since Wednesday. My voice wouldn't even come out yesterday but as I mentioned before, I submitted an abstract which didn't qualify for the conference paper but got qualified for the poster presentation so I had to go.

My undergraduate research: Quantification of Seismic Vulnerability of a Typical Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Building in the Philippines. Yes, my title is very long.

Well, my poster didn't win (instant 10k in cash if it did!) but apparently, I was competing against graduate theses! Haha.

However, it was flattering when an ERDT scholar (I saw it in his name tag) asked a few things about my research and then after the conversation I overheard him telling his friend "Uy, ayos to o" or something like that while pointing to my poster, LOL. Honestly, it's very difficult to get people interested in my undergraduate research, much more appreciate it. I'm glad someone did today.

CE batchmate/orgmate/co-faculty Tantan and Engg batchmate Christian with their posters

Dessert which I didn't get to enjoy much nor finish because we were called to stand beside our posters outside the pavilion. That's coconut ice cream, by the way, not vanilla!

I removed my splint during meal time so I could eat haha. Don't tell my dentist! LOL.


  1. wow lang, 10k instant cash?? ang swerte naman ni winner! =P nosebleed ang thesis mo Claire! title palang panalo na!

  2. TRUE! 10k laki rin nun! Pero grabe naman kasi, puro pala MS yung kalaban dun! Nagulat nga yung isang judge nung sinabi ng batchmate kong undergraduate thesis yung poster niya haha.

    Naku, sa haba nga ng title ng thesis ko, di nagkasya sa spine ng hardbound! :))