Friday, September 30, 2011

My Solitary Museum Adventure

The second day of our stay in Taiwan was a free day. After going around Zhongxiao Fuxing with the undergraduate teams, I decided to go to the National Palace Museum alone. Well, I don't expect them civil engineering students to appreciate museums (not that I wasn't a civil engineering student myself) so I went alone.

I didn't have a map, I haven't been to Taipei before nor have I ridden a bus in Taipei before but I successfully got to the museum just by asking for directions from people. People in Taiwan are really nice, I swear! From Zhongxiao Fuxing, I rode the MRT to Shilin station and then rode a mini-bus that went straight to the museum!

onigiri (plus strawberry yogurt drink) from 7-Eleven for lunch at the bus!

I got there at around 2:30 pm and was amazed just by the exteriors. It was HUGE!

The girl who took this photo was very nice!

And since it's a museum, I don't have pictures inside. It had three floors and quite a number of exhibit rooms. There was so much porcelain, jade, bronze and paintings! Aside from the colorful porcelain, I especially loved the furniture and the curio boxes. I only paid NTD160 and it was all worth it!

Unfortunately, I had to go back to Chientan Youth Activity Center at 4pm to prepare for the IDEERS Welcome Banquet. I wasn't able to stick around the museum's second and third floor that much. A museum ticket also entitles you to free entrance to Zhishan garden (priced at NTD20) but I wasn't able to go. :(

But anyway, now I can cross out an item on my bucket list: to go around a foreign country alone. (You see this is just my second time to go out of the country.) It was a great adventure: finding and commuting to a museum ALONE. I'd like to do that again next time! I was also able to see a lot of Chinese artifacts. I read somewhere that the National Palace Museum houses the most number of Chinese artifacts in the WORLD. I need not go to mainland China just to see those artifacts!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the Welcome Banquet. I super love this dress. It fits my frame just exactly and falls right on my high waist. Good quality, good embroidery and I got it from Surplus Shop for just Php400!

The Basic House dress from Surplus Shop, Space sale cardigan, Landmark belt, Aerosoles wedges

I had to wear a cardigan because it's cold and windy in Taipei at night. Around 23-24 degrees Celsius and I'm used to 30-32 in the Philippines

Grand Victoria Hotel

Student ambassador Kristine. So cute, ne?

Student ambassador Andrew (look at that height difference, he's only 16!)

Ma'am Imee with NUS students. Their singer took her from her seat because Ma'am Imee sang really well!

Not much banquet photos because I ran out of memory space haha.


  1. wooow, idol claire, alone in a foreign country! shocks, im inspired na kopyahin yang bullet na yan sa list mo! kahit sa Pilipinas lang! hahaha! =P type ko yung outfit mo! at infer, nakascore ako ng murang parisian wedges na very similar sa shushal mong aerosoles wedges! cute! =)

  2. that's so much fun! you look great :)

  3. @Ghoent: Thank you! Actually yung initial plan was "to go to a foreign country alone" pero medyo mahal ata yun, so baby steps muna! Next time na lang yun haha. And Parisian! Ang dami nga nilang magandang shoes recently!

    @fashioneggplant: Thank you! :D