Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I Miss: Sewing Headbands

I can remember a bit how I came to making headbands.

I was randomly looking at Multiply and I saw a site that sells handmade headbands at crazy prices. I thought, "Hey, that's overpriced, that's almost cheating and I think I can make those lacy headbands too! I think." Yes, I'm kuripot like that.

And then one day, my orgmate, Lira, asked me if I can sew a headband for her costume for our org's themed Christmas party. That time, I've only started making mini-top hats but I said I'd take the headband as a challenge. Of course, I did warn Lira that it's going to be my first time. The headband turned out to be a headband although it wasn't that pretty. But tolerable, I HOPE. Anyway, I just commissioned it at a low price since it's my first ever headband.

After some time, Lira asked me again to make a headband for one of her cosplays. Well, I did a better job with that headband, at least. (I have a photo of Lira wearing the headband but I dunno if she's okay with me posting her photo here lol).

Then Kat, another orgmate (who is also Lira's best friend from high school) asked me to make a headband for her! And whenever she had "headband needs", she'd ask me to make them for her.

She's even asked me to make the headband and wristcuffs for her creative grad pic!

Pink, white, lace, ribbons, faux pearls, can't get any girly-er!

close-up on the wristcuff

One time I made a headband out of boredom and I decided to give it to Kat as a birthday gift. She's a friend and a constant client after all!

I used the crocheted cotton lace which I really loved!

Yuri has also asked me to make [a challenging] one for her!

Yuri's headband: rose and feathers

And then one time, I posted pictures of my crafts on Facebook supposedly for documentation purposes but it served another purpose: advertising. It was my graduating/thesis semester but commissions came in! Not much, but still. Anyway, I was able to pull them off by doing one commission per week.

I don't really put much profit on my headbands. Afterall, I'm not yet THAT good at sewing and it's just a hobby. The undersides of my headbands don't look pleasing. But I guess I just love working with lace, ribbons, beads so I take the commissions despite being busy.

Did I mention that I only learned how to sew by holding a thread and a needle, by occasionally asking my grandma and my dad and most of all by intuition whenever I needed to mend some clothes? Home Economics in my high school was mostly baking (which is awesome) and Home Economics in my elementary school thrived on theory (which is disappointing) so I never had training in school.

But really, I just have to thank Lira for "jumpstarting" this hobby and to my loyal customer-friends for sustaining the said hobby haha. I still have a long way to go with sewing and designing but I'll do my best!


  1. Can I commission you? *bats eyes* :)

    Join my blog giveaway by the way:

  2. Ooh that's great! It's always nice to have a hobby you love doing, and even more so when you earn from it ;)

  3. Claire, ultimate crafts + baking girl talaga! Quite a combination, super girly! I love it! :D I want to second Krissy, doing what you love and earning from it is quite a feeling!

  4. @WonderWoman: Oh! I'd love to but perhaps if you can wait until I finish my board exams (November 19-20)? :( I'm scared of committing and not be able to finish it huhu... But you can email me the design you want and I'll see kung kaya ko isingit sa sched. :D Thank you!

    @Krissy: Thank yo! And yes, it's nothing like "work" at all. Parang bonus na lang when you get money from it. :D

    @ghoent: Thank you! Naku, I still have a lot to learn with sewing! Pag nakita mo yung kabaliktaran ng mga tinatahi ko, ang pangit haha. :)) Sayo naman, bags! Apir tayo, Engg people haha!