Friday, September 9, 2011

The Coffee Beanery Experience

Because I can actually chew soft food, I decided to try The Coffee Beanery's unlimited coffee and cake for Php150 promo last Monday before going home from school. It's convenient because I pass by SM North everyday.

That day, the unlimited cake promo applied to their white chocolate sans rival, carrot cake and choco-caramel cake. I also got a choice among their brewed coffee, cafe americano (espresso+water) and iced coffee. I took the brewed coffee and it was really good! Fine, I don't really have a benchmark for "good coffee" but I have a sweet tooth and I'm not really a fan of black coffee. I prefer my coffee sweet and creamy. Nevertheless I really liked their brewed black coffee. I had to stop myself after two cups because I was afraid of overloading on caffeine, lol.

I took first the white chocolate sans rival. They gave me a big slice. I had a hard time eating it because I'm not allowed to chew nuts and their sans rival has lots. I had to remove them, lol. I'd say The Chocolate Kiss's sans rival is far better than this but for the price, it was pretty much okay. Also, the buttercream wasn't very sweet. I guess it's good for people who aren't into sweet things.

white chocolate sans rival and brewed coffee

Next, the carrot cake. It was a tiny slice but it was pretty dense so it's alright. It has walnuts and I had to remove them again. The cake, as well as the cream cheese frosting, was good.

carrot cake

And finally, the choco-caramel cake. It was also dense so the tiny slice was good enough. No nuts and whatnots so I could eat it freely (although slowly). It was also good.

choco-caramel cake

Well, it was a good experience. Nothing epic (except for the coffee) but at Php150, it was very much worth it. I could have asked for more cake but I felt satisfied already and I was also afraid of the calories! Regarding the small slices, I think one can take it as concern from the shop as too much sugar is bad, haha.

By the way, I was accompanied by this while eating cake and drinking coffee. It's a nice place to study, actually.

reviewing work and energy methods for ES 12

I hope that their promo continues until November. It would be a nice place to review for boards if I ever need a different studying environment. I'll also drag my friends there next time! Good place to chat. Not to mention my friends love cake (or food in general, lol).


I've been getting epic headaches and neck pains for a week already that I can't function properly. I went to my dentist because I thought it was because of my TMJ disorder but the dentist said that my TMJ is okay and that there might be another reason to my headaches and neck pains. I went to the infirmary and the doctor said it could be stress. The doctor said I should rest and get a massage or something. Definitely an excuse to go to the spa!


  1. wow, ang tamis naman ng post na to, haha! =P the good thing siguro about having to eat slowly was that you only had a serving of each cake. kung normal mode, baka nakarami! hahaha! =P

  2. @ghoent: TRUE! Mas na-feel ko yung cake! Although feeling ko kahit konting slices, andaming sugar din nung na-take ko nung araw na yun X_____X Pano pa kaya kung kaya ko mag-chew :))