Sunday, June 26, 2011

Storm Stories

Funny. I had no idea that classes were suspended last Friday. I was already about to go to class when a co-instructor told me about the suspension.

Anyway, I decided to just stick around UP and work. I was so motivated to work until late afternoon. Sir Christian and I even went out to buy chips and coffee so we'll have something to munch and drink while working. However, after we returned from buying food at around 9am, electricity decided to die. All we did was eat and talk while waiting for electricity to come back. At around 12nn, we ate lunch and still, no electricity. We were informed that work also got suspended so we gave up on the electricity. I decided to go to SM North with Sir Rain and Sir Christian and solved ES 12 problems at Krispy Kreme.


And other storm stories.

Remember that only summer outing I had last summer? When I went with my friends and my brother? And a storm decided to come at the start of May? We didn't have a lot of photos. But here are a few lomo shots by Kyle just right before we left the beach. I don't think he'll mind that I'm posting these here.

This is Kyle.

Breaking waves. I actually remembered my CE 113 (Coastal Engineering) class.

Looking out to the ocean. This photo looks like I'm going for an adventure or to a battle haha.

Waves are breaking behind me. Rain is falling behind me.

Airis and I. I love this photo, I must say. :)

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