Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Baking and Crocheting

It may not be a long weekend for me as I had review class the whole day of Saturday and Sunday. But that didn't stop me from enjoying my weekend.

I made mocha chiffon cake with buttercream icing last Saturday night for Father's Day despite being tired from review class that day and having another review class the following day. I just miss baking so much and Father's Day is a good excuse to bake. It tastes good but there was something wrong with the texture. And it was a bit heavy for a chiffon cake, not airy enough. Also, the buttercream icing was a little gritty. Next time, I'll use Swiss meringue buttercream instead. :) Nevertheless it tasted good. 

But because I felt dissatisfied by the mocha chiffon cake, I made banoffee pie today. When my mom told my dad "May ginawang banoffee pie si ate." My dad said "Ah, kasi hindi niya na-perfect yung cake niya." My dad was so right! Haha. It has always been a habit. Whenever I'm dissatisfied by my work, I repeat it or do something to make up for it.

However, there's something wrong again. It tastes really good but the "toffee" wasn't toffee but caramel instead haha. It was runny (I didn't cook it long enough) so I decided to freeze it but our freezer won't freeze properly. Nevertheless, I'm already satisfied with it so there's not much need to repeat immediately.

I also crocheted two beanies this weekend. The striped one is an overdue commission. I'm just glad they're both done. And my clients can wear them in this weather.


  1. Your family's so lucky. To have a baker daughter/sister?! Jackpot!! Now I want some cake. :/

    Btw, do you sell these beanies Claire? How much are they? =) *Assuming you have time to crochet, hahaha!*

  2. @Ghoent: I make them for Php200. Although nowadays it might take two weeks to a month before I finish a beanie hahaha! :))

  3. Ahh you do awesome things with your hands :)

  4. Thank you Meream. :D I think you do too! I'd say that there are even times that your blog gets me inspired. ^_^