Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Love Letter

Dear You,

I'm not exactly trying to find you. I just hope that we cross paths one day and then always share the same path afterward.

Once a month, I get really cranky (and you'll notice because I grow pimples around the same time) so I hope you can bear with that. It's nothing a bearhug can't fix, anyway.

Sometimes (if not often), I'll do sweet gestures so I hope you won't mind and you'll appreciate them. But if I ever get too clingy and demanding, just say so.

You'll know that I like baking and cooking so I hope you'll eat, love and crave for what I bake and cook. Maybe you can help out in the kitchen too.

As much as I take care of people, I tend to forget to take care of myself sometimes. Please take care of me. I'll do the same to you always.

I love hugs. They make me strong. Please hug me whenever I'm happy or sad, encourage me whenever I'm on the verge of giving up, cheer me on whenever I'm working hard and give me a backpat whenever I do a good job. I'd love to give you lots of bearhugs, encouragement, cheering and backpats too!

If we don't agree on something, let's talk about it and let's compromise. I don't like misunderstandings.

Let's converse a lot, I like that. Tell me your stories, share your hobbies. But let's also have quiet time sometimes (like maybe doing our own business or simply meditate beside each other without having to talk). And of course let's have time for ourselves for we don't have to stick with each other 24/7.

Don't worry. I'm not that high-maintenance. We can just go to Maginhawa Street for our dates (the places there aren't very expensive or at least not yet). Pretty (and probably expensive) restaurants are nice but only once in a while. I'll take you out too once in a while. Or maybe when we're both on tight budget, we can just hang out at home and watch movies (pirated or torrent copy) while eating chips and homecooked food.

Let's go to places. I'd like to go to random parks and places (cheap or otherwise), to Philippine beaches, to Europe, to Japan, to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter etc. Let's travel and learn things together. Isn't that awesome?

"Just your heart in exchange for mine." -Yvaine, Stardust movie



Oh wow, first love letter I've written! And no, I'm not looking for a boyfriend. Just something for the future. Haha. I wrote this maybe more than a month ago but I only managed to post it today.


  1. oh my gazzhhh Claire this made me kiliiiggg! <3

    i love hugs too, they're very comforting, no? =)

    "Just your heart in exchange for mine." - *tear!*

    you're so sweet! your future bf is up for some awesomeness ahead of him with you! =)

  2. Haha Thanks Ghoent, di ko akalaing may kikiligin pala dito sa sinulat ko. :))