Sunday, July 3, 2011


I went to Maginhawa Street three Fridays ago. Thanks to Sean for texting me that he was bored and wanted to go somewhere haha. We went to Alfakhr's where I had my favorite Keema Rice.

I love Alfahkr's Keema rice!

Sean and Ron

We also went to the new Moonleaf branch that same Friday. It's my first time going there because I've been too busy. Sadly, they no longer offer my favorite Peach Yakult and they ran out of Lychee so I just had Passionfruit Yakult instead.

Posing with my Passionfruit Yakult


Two Fridays ago (when classes were suspended), I went to KK with Sir Christian and Sir Rain and solved ES 12 problems for practice.

Coffee, ES 12 book, trusty sci-cal

Last Friday, I was invited to places. Be a faculty model at the Engineering Opening Week party at Tomas Morato. Aggre's Transformers block screening. In the end, I was just working and modeling buildings at the office. But Ron texted me and invited me to go to Maginhawa. I ditched everything and went there. I needed to hangout with my friends for my sanity.

Although Sean, Maia and Che (Ron and Maia's common friend) were really tipsy when I got to Delish.

Hi Sean
I told everyone that I wanted Moonleaf so we went there. I had Yogurt Milk Tea and it was good. Another favorite, yay!

Sober Claire

Sober Chichan, Tipsy Sean and Sober Ron

Tipsy Che and Tipsy Maia
Yes, no more seats in Moonleaf so we hanged out at the couches outside the toilet haha.

I want to go to Crazy Katsu next Friday. :)

Teacher on weekdays. Review student on weekends. Researcher in between. Baking and crocheting if there's still some time left. It's hard switching hats and balancing roles. When I get too focused on one, I tend to forget the other roles. But I hope I get the hang of this.


  1. CE nga din pala si Sean, friends pala kayo. =)buti ka pa may boots na! am looking for flat ankle boots pero ang mahal nilang lahat, hahaha!

  2. @Ghoent: Oh, Sean is ChE! He's my orgmate from UP AME kaya kilala ko siya. :) You know him too? *u* The boots are from Leaveland sa Trinoma! Local so mura lang. Parang ~1500 lang ata original price tapos naka-sale pa. :D

  3. no shoes fit me at leaveland! hahaha fail, attempted to buy flat boots doon pero yung largest nila is too short for mah alien feet. =P yezz i know Sean (onga no, ChE pala!) pero di masyado (haha labo lang). nagkasabay kami magapply noon sa isang org (up kustura), we're both from marikina kasi. =) di ko nga lang tinuloy so ayun di na kami masyado nagkasama pa, haha! =)

  4. @Ghoent: Ah yes! Which reminds me na yung shoes na yan is size 9 pero normally size 7.5 to 8 lang ako (and malaki na yung 8 haha). Ang liit ng sizing nila.