Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Weapons

I managed to put something on my pen. I miss crafting with beads and making accessories.

Flower bead and two crystal beads

Hurr solving ES 12 problems

Yesterday, classes got suspended at 1pm. I was checking exam papers in the afternoon when Sean and Anapon suddenly popped in front of my desk and invited me for Moonleaf. A night ago, I just posted a status update in Facebook that I miss Moonleaf with Anapon, Sean, Kyle, etc. So there, I ditched things and went with them. :) Damn, I love Moonleaf but going there with friends (ride the Ikot jeep and then walk) is still priceless.

Lychee Yakult! No more!

Last week I also got this for myself. What is it?

Sticks for kebab?

Long chopsticks for cooking?

Some kind of piercing weapon?

Haha just kidding. They're knitting needles. After crochet, I want to learn how to knit. But maybe after board exams.

I just realized that sleeping for eight hours a day may not be enough if you're working the other sixteen. Okay, not really sixteen, maybe thirteen or twelve. But still. Anyway.... I miss a lot of things:
  1. Going to school in shorts, a loose shirt, sneakers and a backpack
  2. Crocheting beanies
  3. Reading books on cooking and crafts and graphic novels in Fully Booked
  4. Reading fiction
  5. Making lacy headbands while listening to classical music
  6. Sleeping over Kyle's house
  7. Movie marathons
  8. Reading Bleach and Skip Beat (I haven't read manga since graduation!)
  9. Watching anime (I haven't seen any anime for a year save for the Gundam 00 movie, I think.)
  10. Maginhawa food trips

Three months until classes end and then I can focus on reviewing for boards. Four months until board exams and then I can free up my weekend schedule.


  1. lol i really thought they were for kebabs! =P gullible me. i should really try moonleaf tea na, you have been raving about it ever since i followed your blog? haha! =)

  2. @Ghoent: Akala ng mga nakakita dito pangpatay daw :)) Hahaha. And yes, Moonleaf! Masaya tambayan. Ang dami lang tao @____@

    @Meream: will do! :D