Monday, August 1, 2011

Things New and Old

When I passed by NBS Recto yesterday and saw "up to 75% off on books" signs, I knew I wasn't going home without a new book that day. I got the Watkins Vanilla Classic Recipes book for Php61.25. Well, the fiction books weren't to my taste and I couldn't find other books on crafts.

And then today, I went to Ever Gotesco Caloocan to get an NBI Clearance (which failed, I only got an appointment for August 16 after three hours of standing and lining up) and the NBS there was also on sale so I checked it out and got three more books.

All four of these for Php235.00. They were all on 75% off, super cheap! I don't feel guilty at all even though I haven't gotten my paycheck for my two months of being an instructor and many months of being a researcher (I was and am hired by the government... you know how slow it gets especially when it comes to money). I never feel guilty for buying books even when they drain my week's budget.

Four pretty books. Full color. Php235.00. Score!

Anyway, I went to karaoke last Friday night with my co-faculty members. It was fun! Although a bit weird if you really think about it because most of them used to be my professors. (Didn't take everyone's photo.)

Me and Ma'am Imee

I also went to AME (my student org) Batch 11 applicants' acquaintance party last Saturday immediately after my review class. I spent the first 30 or 45 minutes there going around tables and hugging everyone (kunwari daw debut ko). And then rest of my stay there was spent talking to people and still hugging people.

Now look at these boys (Nigel's missing again). Or should I say young men? I've always looked at them like younger brothers but they've grown up so much. I first met them in 2008 when they were still freshmen. They're from the College of Engineering too. But now one of them is already doing his thesis and another is going to Japan this October as an exchange student. *sigh* I keep telling them how weird it is to see them growing up handsomely, doing thesis, pursuing love, etc. Has it been that long? I feel old! Haha.

Boibando minus Nigel

That's a nice flower you have there, Sty.

And here's an old drawing I found while I was looking for scratch paper. It's supposed to be called "Wallflower". I drew it probably when I was in third or fourth year. It's not yet finished, you see and I still have to redo it because the proportions are screwed up. I'm looking forward to the day when I can draw again.


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