Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things I Miss: Room Decorating

I noticed recently that aside from being my memory storage, I haven't been able to stick much to my blog's purpose. This is also supposed to be a place to show my love for crafts, baking and pretty things. Unfortunately, my super busy schedule has not allowed me to do those things recently. Things I Miss (TIM) series will be dedicated to... well, things I miss and these will mostly be about crafts, food and pretty things I made in the past or if a miracle happens and I manage to make these things despite my busy schedule. I will not restrict myself to food and crafts, though.

Warning: This is going to be very disjointed/incoherent.


Today, TIM is about decorating my room.

This is my bed's headboard. Those colorful things were either given to me as a gift or bought from Landmark. I've had them for years! And no, they don't disturb my sleep. For one, I don't move when I sleep (I only roll around my bed when I CAN'T sleep) and perhaps I'm also used to the sound it makes.

This is my "memory corkboard". The corkboard was a Christmas gift from Stychen. You see that I pin nametags, keychains, cellphone straps, gashapons, tickets, purikura and even papersoap onto it. Mostly gifted items and just anything memorable or cute. You notice, a lot of people give me cellphone straps but you don't see me use them because I pin them on my memory corkboard. Why not? I get to see this corkboard every time I sit on my work station.

Wind chimes I got from high school classmates. I actually like wind chimes!

There you go, the first installment of TIM. Yes, very disjointed. But stay tuned. :D


  1. I see Kenshin hanging from your corkboard! Haha. I love that dude :)

  2. ang cute ng cork board mo! a lot of anime stuff + artsy creative things = very you (as far as i know), haha!

  3. @Meream: Yes, it's him (with Aoshi beside him)! I didn't quite expect that you love Kenshin too! *apir*

    @Ghoent: Thank you! I really wanted the corkboard to spell "Claire"! >_< Success naman pala! :D