Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recipe: Mango-Kani Salad

Because I always, always get disappointed by kani salads from restaurants, I decided that I'll just make my own.

Kani Salad (serves around 6)

1 bunch of lettuce
2 medium-sized cucumbers
2 medium-sized ripe mangoes
8 pieces of short kani sticks (the ones that are around 3 to 3 1/2")
roe / ikura (if you have access to them, unfortunately I don't)

1. Cut up the lettuce and lay them into a bed.


2. Peel the cucumbers, cut into half and then remove the seeds by scooping/scraping them out with a spoon. Cut into thin strips. 

The first time I made kani salad, I found this task rather tiring so I recently bought a mandoline slicer to help. I think it's a pretty good investment. I mean, I can hold a knife quite well, of course. However, if you're slicing a lot of veggies and fruits (e.g. for pickling or for veggie/fruit chips), this mandoline will cut [not just your vegetables but also] your prep time significantly. This mandoline is pretty easy to clean too. I got it from Landmark for ~PhP500.


3. Slice the kani sticks into thin strips.


4. Cube the mangoes.


5. Arrange them all on a plate and add Japanese mayo.


I forgot to add some nori (cut into strips or into tiny squares with scissors) but you can do that. Add roe/ikura too if you have any.

Now this is was waaaay cheaper than those sold in restaurants and I love that I can adjust everything to my taste. You can actually ditch the lettuce and just use more cucumbers instead.

And just today, I actually got an idea of making mango-kani lettuce wraps. Next week, perhaps. :)

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