Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My First DIY Skirt

Finally, I was able to sew my own skirt! It even has a pocket and a zipper closure. (Hurray for skirts with pockets!) I am really thankful for Meream's tutorial! This crafty lady is totally amazing and I love her blog.

I have to admit, my skirt's workmanship is not really good because I never really had any sewing training. I'm just glad I was able to make something wearable haha.

Navy blue polka dots! Just my type of fabric!


I had to handsew some parts of the zipper because I do not have a zipper foot. (My sewing machine belongs to my late grandma. It's vintage and no one knows where the accessories are. I need to find a place to buy feet for old Singer sewing machines.)

I actually wanted to make a lace skirt but darn... lace fabric is very expensive. Next time, perhaps! I'm definitely making more skirts!

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