Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bye Boring (Hair)buns

It's currently summer in Manila and, needless to say, the heat is horrible. I cannot stand leaving my hair down and therefore ponytails, buns and quick braids have been my go-to hairstyles recently.

Yesterday, while I was putting up my hair in a bun, I suddenly wanted to make pearl bobby pins to make my otherwise boring hairbuns more fun. I took the box where I store my pearl beads and got distracted when I found these old crochet flowers that I made back in January 2011. I've always meant to attach the flowers into a headband but never got to do so because I don't feel that such a headband would fit my style.


Now, being a person with a short attention span, instead of making pearl bobby pins as initially planned, I had a little eureka moment and decided to attach the old crochet flowers into bobby pins and I was happy with the result!

low, messy bun

normal bun

Once the weather cools down, I can wear it with my hair down!


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