Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Cake Day

Once again, I've been trying to make weekends more productive by baking. Last Sunday, I made two blueberry cheesecakes (one stayed at home and one went to the office the next day).

This week, I made four loaves of banana cake. I like it warm and plain or smothered with Nutella. The thing I love most about banana cakes is that not even super sweet Nutella can overpower the taste.

And today, I feel like putting some more Nutella (screw diet) because of the news about Paul Walker that until now I still do not want to believe. I'm not really a hardcore fan of his but I absolutely love Fast & Furious and it's so difficult to imagine Fast & Furious 7 (and any after that) without Paul Walker playing Brian O'Conner. :'( Sigh. May he rest peacefully.

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