Monday, July 1, 2013

Second Half

Fifteen days of no update because:
  1. I got a bit too occupied with work. 
  2. I got hit by a car last week while crossing C.P. Garcia Street with my co-workers. We were on our way to UP to play frisbee/go jogging. I twirled midair, bounced and then landed on the pavement. Good thing there were no other oncoming cars when I landed. My forehead hit the pavement pretty hard which turned my nose into a scary faucet of blood but thankfully my CT Scan results showed no internal bleeding. No other fractures except for a nasal fracture which may or may not need surgery .(Hopefully, I will know this week.) Bruises, wounds, spasms and an awful lot of mental trauma. Anyway, doctors said I'm lucky that I got away like this. I'm actually back to work.

I've been through a lot of pain this year. If there's anything I'm praying for, I just want the second half of the year to be less painful, if not free of pain.

Now, some doodles. I've been doodling a lot just to take away the stress, the worries and the fears because I have many.


  1. OHMYGOSH I didn't know about this! I'm so glad you're fine, Claire!

    And those doodles are lovely <3


    Oh there good to know you are! So much win yung kinwento mo siya na very matter-of-fact. Hope you're recovering well now! :)