Monday, July 22, 2013

Macau in a Day

One of the things that lured me into booking that flight to Hong Kong was a day trip to Macau. I've been to Macau back in 2009 but that trip was very short (practically just half a day) and we weren't able to go to many places.

This time, I made sure to go to the places I missed even if it's just a day trip. It was a rainy day in Hong Kong but weather in Macau was great albeit a little too hot.

Upon arriving at the seaport, we rode a free shuttle that took us to Grand Lisboa Hotel and then walked to Senado Square. It's a World Heritage Site and I seriously wonder why we did not go there four years ago. It's such a fabulous place and it made me feel like I was transported to Europe.

The Macau General Post Office at Senado Square where I bought maxicards and postage stamps

We walked along the Historic Center of Macau until we reached The Ruins of St. Paul.

The Ruins of St. Paul

Lunch: vermicelli noodle soup with duck leg

We left the Macau Historic Center and then went to Macau Tower. My mom and I decided not to go up the observatory anymore because we've been there before and the entrance fee was expensive. We just let my aunt and uncle go to the observatory.

The view from Macau Tower's base.

After Macau Tower, we went to The Venetian (where there are lots of Filipino workers and tourists!) Four years ago, we were able to go to The Venetian but I wasn't able to explore the place (I only saw the lobby because we had to rush to the port to catch our ferry ride). This time, I made sure to explore The Venetian. If you've seen Boys Over Flowers (the Korean TV series), this is where Geum Jan Di and F4 stayed! 

Look, spiral escalator!

One thing I love about Macau is their postal service. I saw vending machines for postage stamps and mailboxes in different places (i.e. not just the post office). I wish we had the same system in the Philippines-- one in which I don't need to go to the post office during office hours to be able to send mail.

The post office at the seaport.

This postage stamp vending machine is out of order, though.

And that's it, our short but fun day trip to Macau.

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