Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Touchdown Tokyo

I'm in Tokyo right now.

No, I'm not dreaming.

No, I'm not just reading a book or watching anime or watching Jdrama.

Yes, I've already tried slapping myself a few times.

Yes, I am sure because I'm really freezing with the one-digit temperature.

Unfortunately, I lost my camera a while ago (hopefully I can get it back since this is Japan anyway) and I also left my phone at the hotel today so I don't have much photos.

Maybe except for this one.

Dinner was three pieces of sushi, half a cinnamon roll, Curry Cup Noodles, red bean manju, dorakayi (pancakes with red bean filling) and peach jelly. A lot, I know! But aaaaa Japanese food and sweets!!!

Stuff I bought from the grocery in TokyoTech: JPY450 or ~PhP238.50

I only know VERY very little Japanese and not a lot of people here understand English but yesterday, my AME buddy Ali who's been here for a few months and is a Japanese studies major accompanied me yesterday so I had no problems. Today, however, I've been getting around myself and getting by with my very little Japanese.

The main purpose of my travel is actually a conference. So excuse me while I do last-minute preparations.


  1. Amazing! Pasalubong please haha! One of my bestfriend will surely be in heaven once she steps on Japan since she soooo loves Japan haha!

    Almira :)

  2. So. Jealous.