Friday, March 16, 2012


The semester is ending and it's been very busy with all the exam-formulating, exam-checking, etc.

But anyway, since it's a Friday night and I don't have class tomorrow, I will write about Harajuku. (Sorry for not being able to think of a better title... my mind is in shambles with all the workload haha.)

When I arrived in Tokyo two Mondays ago, my AME buddy, Ali invited me to hang out somewhere. I was supposed to prepare for my presentation but since I don't see my buddy a lot because she doesn't live in the Philippines anymore, I still wanted to go! Besides, I still had another night to prepare for my presentation.

We went to Harajuku. I was excited even though I barely got sleep the night before. Why not? I've always wanted to go to Harajuku!

Harajuku JR Station looks so cool! Yes, that's a train station!

We went to the famous Takeshita Dori.

Takeshita Dori! Something I only used to see in photos. /emotional

Buddy treated me to crepe. Yay~

Crepe. Nomnomnom. Honestly, being able to read katakana (and hiragana and very few kanji) helps.

And then did some shopping.

Heh heh. XD

Super cool rings. Ali got the parachute.

Trying on fascinators.

For dinner, we had takoyaki. FINALLY. I got to eat REAL takoyaki. As in with octopus inside! 8 pieces for 500 yen. Expensive if you try to convert to peso. But it's actually cheap for dinner. LOL.

Takoyaki!!! Hey, I didn't eat everything! Ali and I shared. LOL.

I'm so glad to go around Harajuku with Ali! Because seriously, I can't remember the last time we had a buddy date!


I was looking at my old blog posts when I saw this. Maaaaaan, who would have thought that two months after going to Ximending (the so-called "Harajuku of Taipei") I'd be able to go to the actual Harajuku in Tokyo. To be honest, I think Harajuku and Ximending has a lot of differences. I mean, Harajuku felt totally different from Ximending. But perhaps the main similarity is that it's a place where young people hang out.

Oh, I actually went to Harajuku FOUR times haha. But I'll write about the other trips next time. ^_^

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