Sunday, March 18, 2012

The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end

I remember mentioning about losing my camera during the conference. Yes, I lost my camera during the first day. It's a not an expensive camera and I've been planning to buy another but I still could not afford to lose my old camera because (1) dad gave it to me, (2) I have photos with Ali in there and (3) I have great photos of plum blossoms against the blue sky which I'm sure I cannot replicate because of the lack of sunlight during that week.

I've heard stories of people who left their belongings somewhere in Tokyo but are able to retrieve it. I went back to all the rooms I've gone to during the conference but I could not find it. So I decided to ask for help from the staff. They asked for my name and what my camera looks like if ever they see it but unfortunately, they also had other things to do (there was a welcome party) so they cannot spend so much time helping me.

In the evening, I was very anxious and not feeling well. It wasn't the best feeling during that time because I was going to present my paper the next day and I still had to prepare! But for some reason, I suddenly remembered that I wasn't able to check out this certain room in TokyoTech. So I decided to stay cool and then the next day, I went to TokyoTech a little early to check that room.

And yes, I found my camera there, on the chair where I sat.

So unlike the Philippines, right? I mean, if it were in the Philippines, someone will surely take it. But if you're very lucky, someone will still take it but will try to find ways to return it to you. In this country, it's not like you leave something somewhere and the next day you still find it there.

During the last day of the conference, I tried to find the person who helped me to thank him (I could not find him the day I found my camera). After all, he still bothered for me. But before I could say anything, he immediately asked me if I already found my camera.

And it seemed pretty normal to him that I found my camera. Maybe because it's a normal thing in Japan? I told him that I'm not used to it because "in my country, once you lose it, you lose it forever" and he had this shocked face. Oh, first-world and third-world differences!

My favorite shot of plum blossoms from the once-lost camera. The [rare] sunlight made it possible for me to take a really pretty photo.


During the last day of the conference, I made plans with my former co-instructor Ma'am Sandy and my AME orgmate Stychen to meet at Akihabara. Both Ma'am Sandy and Stychen are students from the University of Tokyo. While Ma'am Sandy is doing Masters studies, Stychen is an undergraduate exchange student. The last time I saw both of them was in October so I was very thrilled to see them again... in Japan, no less!

However, Ma'am Sandy decided to go to the last day of the conference I was attending so we got to meet there! I also met Ann who's a PhD student in TokyoTech.

And then we took photos under the ume trees.

Ah, plum blossoms are not just pretty. They're very fragrant too! During lunch breaks, I'd spend a few minutes under these trees just to take photos and to smell the flowers hahahaha.

And then we went to Akihabara to meet Stychen. I miss Sty-chan a lot! He's like a younger brother to me. I've known him since he was a freshman and I've seen him grow up!

At Akihabara JR Station

We went to a maid cafe. Taking photos is not allowed in maid cafes (for the safety of their employees, most probably) but I got this photo before I discovered that rule.

Sty-chan was actually Ma'am Sandy's student in ES 11 so they know each other. ^_^

Ma'am Sandy also treated us to taiyaki from the Gundam Cafe. I got the custard. It was soooooo good.

Just looking at this photo makes me hungry huhu... they taste so goood.

The line outside was long! We didn't bother. LOL.

We also went to Yodobashi (one of the big electronic stores in Akiba) and then went back to our respective hotel/dorm/apartment.

Until next time, Akiba!
(Thank you Ma'am Sandy for taking my photos hahaha)


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    1. Truly! I wish I saw the sakura! But oh well, the ume are pretty too and they smell so good as well! :))

  2. Congrats on finding your cam! :) So lucky!

    Please join my giveaway if you haven't yet:

    1. Thanks, Japan is amazing. My friend lost her DSLR inside a bus in Tokyo (~two years ago) but she found it at the police station! I wish it were the case in the PH haha.

  3. I'm so glad you found your camera, that picture is truly extraordinary :)

    1. Thank you Krissy! To be honest, it's THAT photo (plus the photos with my friend) that I didn't want to lose!