Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things That Need Practice

This week, I received the pastry blender that I ordered online and I couldn't resist not using it so I made Portuguese egg tarts today. Unfortunately the hot and humid weather made it difficult for me to attain a flaky crust but it tasted good nonetheless and my parents really liked it. Though I think I need to practice pie-making more!

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Magpie Cafe in Maginhawa Street. They had a freedom [glass] wall and some glass markers there and I wrote this:

Needs more refinement/cleaning up but I'm proud of it haha

I also bought a new water-dispensing brush so I had some practice with it.

The writing above means "kiai". It's the term for the shouting that happens in martial arts. You know when martial artists yell "Hiyaaaaaah!", that is kiai. The idea is that the kiai releases a person's fighting spirit and I believe it also aids in proper breathing. Kendo is no exception from kiai.

I've been told by a couple of my seniors in kendo that my kiai is not loud enough. It was actually pretty funny for me because I've been told many times by friends that I have a loud voice. Then again, my friends were referring to my conversational voice haha. However, apparently, I don't shout loud enough, at least not enough for kendo. That's why I have to add kiai practice to my routine practice at home so that I can do louder and better kiai during the next training sessions. 

Yeah, basically, I need to practice shouting at home. I hope our neighbors don't get alarmed lol.

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