Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waterfalls and Bats in Samal Island

After island-hopping the previous day, we spent our second full day in Samal Island exploring the island itself. My friend and I took a motorcyle or habal-habal outside the wharf and for PhP180 each which took us to the famous Monfort Bat Cave and Hagimit Falls.

As of September 2014, there's a PhP100 fee to enter the Monfort Bat Cave complex. 

I'm not exactly a fan of bats but I figured we didn't have much to do anyway and what a shame not to see the world's largest colony of fruit bats when it's already so close by.

Indeed there were so many of them! The bats were quite noisy too and the caves had a distinct smell (bat poo, perhaps?) but it wasn't so bad because the place wasn't dominated by the smell. (Tip: bring mosquito repellent! I acquired a number of mosquito bites from there.)

After seeing the bats, we went to Hagimit Falls. (As of September 2014, there is a PhP40 fee to enter Hagimit Falls.) The place was really big and it's very beautiful. It's really fun to explore and take photos. Lucky us, there were very few people when we went so we were able to take many photos.

There are huts in Hagimit Falls that people can rent to have a picnic or even stay overnight! There are also a lot of pools to swim in. Too bad we didn't bring our swimsuits but then even if I did bring mine, I doubt I can brave the very cold water. I simply enjoyed wading my feet and walking across the shallow pools.

It almost looks like it came straight from a fairy tale, don't you agree?

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