Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hopping Around Samal Island

From Mati City, we took the bus back to Davao City and then went to Samal Island. We stayed at Camp Holiday Beach Resort, a nice resort located just beside the wharf. It's not exactly a budget-type accommodation but they had a 50% discount when we visited (since it was low season) so hurray!

The next morning, with the help of the resort's concierge, we hired an outrigger boat to take us island hopping.

We went to Talicud Island and its Coral Garden. It's a nice spot for snorkeling and the waters are very clear. However, there were trash around the coral gardens which according to the bangkeros were brought by floods from the cities upstream so it wasn't a good time for snorkeling.

The corals, photographed from the boat. See, the water is very clean.

The other islands, we only got to see from the boat. However, this island called Wishing Island, we were actually able to set foot on.

Look, it's Patrick Star! It's my first time to see this seastar species.

A wide tidal flat around Wishing Island

Finally, we went back to the resort at noon, wondering why Samal Island is not a very famous vacation spot when it's so beautiful!

I spotted this vinta on the way back. I remember reading about 'vintas' in my grade school textbooks.

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