Sunday, September 15, 2013

Photo Collage Wall Project

I've had this project in my head for some months now but it was only yesterday that I was able to execute it.

I have a bare wall panel in my room that I wanted to fill with photos. For some time, I've been picking out my favorite photos in my computer and had 3R copies printed yesterday.

I also debated with myself whether to use tack-its or washi tape as both adhesives are said not to leave residue on surfaces. I have an unopened pack of Faber-Castell's Tack-Its (I discovered it from a friend who owned some and I thought it was amazing so I also bought a pack without any particular use in mind.) I also have a bunch of washi tape. In the end, I settled for the Tack-Its so that I can finally use them and so that I don't have to waste the prettiness of washi tape lol.

Turns out it was not a good idea because after just sticking a couple of photos, my fingertips were already numb from kneading the Tack-Its haha but I didn't stop because I was so excited to see my finish product. 

Anyway, in the end, I think it turned out well. Now I have something lovely to stare at.

Pretty much how I spent my Saturday afternoon.

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