Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kitchen, Lately

A couple of weekends ago, I attempted to make chicken katsu, which became a hit at home. We also had miso soup and cabbage with sesame dressing. (I brought home miso paste and sesame dressing from Japan.) Staying for almost three weeks in Japan (where I ate A LOT of food) kind of grew on me that even though I thought I'd be sick of Japanese food once I came back to Manila, the opposite happened instead!! I've also been eating in Japanese restaurants a lot more compared to before.

After this meal, I felt the need to try harder at food presentation and maybe some Japanese-style tableware.

I also made some coconut macaroons and banana cake last weekend because I miss baking. (Okay, now I'm hungry.)

Breakfast from two weekends ago: wheat bread, eggs with tomato/shallot/cheese, miso soup, hot cocoa with marshmallows and a banana.

Breakfast last weekend: toast, cheese omelette with Japanese mayo, hotdogs, miso soup, coffee, grapes and a banana.

As I mentioned before, I take my weekend breakfasts a bit seriously and even more nowadays because I only stay at my parents' house during weekends.

And yes, I have gotten addicted to miso soup.

Next time maybe I'll do pancakes.

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