Monday, June 18, 2012

TV Series: Otomen

I recently finished a Japanese drama called OTOMEN. I've been meaning to watch it long ago but never got the chance. It's based on a manga of the same name. I've also been meaning to read the manga but I never had the time.

Anyway, look at this! When I was in Japan, my orgmate Stychen brought me to a manga shop in Shibuya. I practically drowned and was too overwhelmed that I didn't even look at anything! I can read katakana but with this much, I get too lazy to read the titles! Instead I just took a few photos. When I got home and browsed my pictures, I noticed that this one reads "Otomen". What a coincidence, huh? :))

You see, the reason why I want to watch/read Otomen lies in the synopsis. Masamune Asuka is a school idol. He is kind, handsome, intelligent and is the school's kendo team captain. However, he also likes girly things like sewing, crochet, cooking, baking and shoujo manga (girls' comics) and he has to hide these hobbies because a Japanese boy is expected to be very masculine. Meanwhile, Miyakozuka Ryo is a girl who can't sew, bake or cook. She is also kind but is very boyish. Compatible much, huh? And as I usually say "there goes a love story".

The title "Otomen" comes from the Japanese word "otome" which means "young lady" and the English word "men"

Well, a little cliche but isn't that so cute? I mean, come on, who doesn't like a handsome, intelligent and sporty guy? What more, he sews, crochets, cooks, bakes and reads shoujo manga (hey, those are practically my hobbies!) Yes, it's fictional but that's what makes it so enticing to watch/read (and besides, it's not like you can find a real human guy like Masamune Asuka anyway haha).

Okada Masaki and Kimura Ryo holding Otomen manga

My other motivation to watch the drama is the actor who plays Masamune Asuka: Okada Masaki. I've always found him to be adorable since I saw him in HanaKimi (one of my favorite shoujo manga-turned-TV drama) where he played Sekime Kyogo.

I especially love Okada Masaki's jawline (LOL)

Isn't he adorable? Whether he's in school uniform, in kendo uniform, in a girl's kimono or casual clothes, he's so cute... or rather, pretty.

Aaaaaand when I finally watched the drama, I could not stop gushing. Super kilig forever! I feel like I'll get an imaginary nosebleed everytime. Everyone and everything is just too cute and too funny. It's definitely lives up to the "romantic comedy" genre. And while there are a lot of parody references to Japanese culture, I think even non-Japanese will find this drama funny. The plot is also pretty light and not too serious, which I like because I'm watching this for leisure after all.

Kendo club members

Boys in kimono hahaha

And if that isn't enough to make you watch Otomen, here's a lineup of more adorable people:

Kimura Ryo plays Tonomine Hajime, Asuka's rival. His character in Otomen is really cute. And I still can't believe that he's the same actor who played Senri Nakao in HanaKimi. His character was really different there. Apparently, he also played some role in Nodame Cantabile (also one of my favorite manga-turned-TV drama).

Seto Koji plays Ariake Yamato, one of Asuka's lowerclassman in the kendo team. I've seen him in Runway Beat where he played Mizorogi Biito.

He's cute like that.

He's pretty like that

Sano Kazuma plays Tachibana Juta, Asuka's bestfriend. It's my first time seeing this actor. (I like his tan haha.)

that smile

Sometimes I wonder why Japanese boys are always prettier than me. And I don't think it's just the actors. I've seen lots of prettier-than-me boys in Tokyo.

Otomen's version of F4 (haha)

Anyway, they're not just adorable. They're also pretty good at acting! You'll be sure to laugh and swoon all the time.


  1. Sounds interesting! And yes, they're so prettyyy! :D I miss having TV in my apartment so I can drown myself in my favorite TV shows again.

    1. If you have time (and patience), you should torrent Otomen! Actually, I don't watch TV either, I just use torrent to download/watch series! ^_^

  2. uguuuh may jdrama na pala ang Otomen♥ kamusta yung ending, okay ba or bitin (lol spoiler-y question)?


    1. Astig siya Charm, kilig TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!! Parang... yung kilig is ka-level siguro ng Hana Kimi <3 Hindi naman super bitin. Pero hindi rin super may closure. Sakto lang haha. Normally diba super bitin ng mga Jdrama dahil ang ikli? Ito, hindi masyado for me. ^_^