Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red on Black

I finally had time to go to the salon last Thursday (no MS class!) Jed and I went to OrangeBlush Salon in Mother Ignacia Ave. (right in front of ABS-CBN) to get our hair colored. Jed went for a full-head color while I went for highlights.

You see, I wear glasses and braces. I carry a backpack. And when it's warm and humid (which is practically everyday), I put my hair in a ponytail or a bun. Can you imagine how nerdy I look? No, it's not that bad but I thought some highlights would make me look less nerdy and a little more "cool" haha.

red highlights on black hair
...and I finally got around to grooming my eyebrows ugh

I asked the stylist to put red highlights near my nape. My hair was bleached first and then red was applied. I also got a haircut and I love the way she did it because apparently, my hair seems to have an ombre. (One of my students asked me if I got an ombre!)

I'm glad Jed was also there. Otherwise, I'd be bored to death with waiting.

Free time has been so elusive these days. I believe I have enough budget to go shopping (and I need clothes for work) but I don't have time to go to the mall. Crazy and sad, I know. But you know, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


  1. I've been there three times already! :)) Malayo rin kasi but worth it. Try mo glow-in-the-dark nails!! Super cute and pretty XD They also have crack! And super affordable talaga ng services nila. Before summer classes started in UP I had my hair permed than sa start ng this sem I had it relaxed - 1300 in total. Best part ay any length siya and effective talaga!

    Another bets part ay katabi niya Zentea. Dahil sa visits ko dyan nalaman ko na may ganun sa Maginhawa and wah sarap at affordable talaga! XD

    Pretty highlights! Wish mom would let me color my hair =))

    1. Ow, that's nice! Now I am more tempted to get my hair relaxed/rebonded because my friends say I look better with straighter hair. Haha >_<

      Is Zentea any good? I'm scared to try other milk tea brands other than Moonleaf kasi lagi lang akong nafu-frustrate haha (Cha Dao, Happy Lemon, Chatime, Universitea... hindi sila masarap huhu). If it's good I'll try going to Zentea Maginhawa! XD

    2. 500 lang ang relax! Any length :> unless nagbago na ang pricing :))

      Zentea is really good! They have flavored teas, milk teas and tea creations. You can always customize! They have at least 15 different flavorings! I am recommending Taro kasi super sarap siya! Prices range from 50-90, but worth it kahit anong drink ^^ Then again at your discretion naman ang judgement so yeah :))

  2. Oh, I see! Maybe I should give Zentea a shot... haha thanks! ^_^