Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy-logue 06-10-12

1. I watched Snow White and the Hunstman last Monday with my colleagues on a whim. The movie was disappointing (I'll make a post about it next time) but it was worth seeing Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin anyway.

photo from here

Can't wait to see how his career fares. From Pirates to Snow White! (photo from here)

2. I finally got wire on my braces and the dentist finally removed the porcelain fang-like things on my teeth. My smiles are less awkward now!

haha can't even notice the braces there

3. I had fast food dinner with my college batchmates last Wednesday. It was just fast food but I really miss times like those. We were talking until 9:30pm.

4. I hanged out with Ali (my orgmate/friend who moved to Australia, is currently working in Japan but is now home for her parents' anniversary) and Ate Nice (Ali's close friend and also my orgmate) last Thursday. We were supposed to meet at Moonleaf but I met them at Spa 101 instead. They were getting their nails done and so I had mine too.

Pedicure at Spa 101 was pretty expensive. I don't get my nails done at salons (I can do it myself) but I did it this time because I managed to save on tuition that day... which brings us to the next item...

5. I am officially enrolled and I paid PhP 146.50 instead of PhP10,000+ for my tuition this semester! For the following semesters, I'll only be paying PhP46.50. My tuition is cheaper than my pedicure! Well, perks of working in the university. 

Although that is not totally a happy thing. I was helping out during enrollment and saw how expensive tuition in my university has become. Back in college, I used to pay PhP6,000 to PhP7,000 per semester. These days, students pay more than PhP20,000 on the average. Our university is supposed to be a public university. Tsk, whatever happened to the university of the people. :(

6. Yesterday, I went to UP with my parents to bring some stuff there. I treated them to Rodic's and to that Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich.

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