Saturday, February 18, 2012


I just came back from an overnight workshop in Antipolo.

It's work but we had some free time during lunch and in the evening.

View at the venue's veranda was very fitting as the workshop was kind of about buildings in Metro Manila.




I wore [wedge] heels for two days and my feet aren't dead. Achievement because I'm not used to heels (not even wedges). Then again it was a workshop so I was mostly sitting down while listening to presentations and discussions.

I have lots of work to do. They just won't stop! At this rate, I'll be busy with teaching or studying or research until... next year probably. This academic life. No to stress!

At this rate, I wonder if I'll ever get a boyfriend. 

I'm kidding, of course!! I'm not in a hurry just yet. :))


  1. nice shots!!!

    congrats on the feet not dying. haha. well, wedges are really more comfortable than heels :)

    nice blog, by the way! hope you could visit and support/follow my blog too :)

    from your newest follower,

  2. Engr. Claire bongga ang pagbackread ko ng entries mo, haha! i missed reading your entries, i love your feb set which talks about singleness! <3

    first time in a long time that i spent vday alone pero it wasn't bad din naman. bosses gave the girls cloud9 so may chocolate parin! hahaha. =)) astig ng coworkers mo, sweet gesture. singles date! haha. =)

    eventually, darating din sila satin claire! hahaha.

  3. pretty good daylight skyline shot.. do you have fort bonifacio on the left side?