Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Happy Valentine's Day

It's a great thing that, in the recent years, Valentine's Day has become very forgiving to single people. Heh, going bitter/emo over being single during Valentine's Day is overrated now!

My initial Valentine's Day plan was to buy pizza and ice cream for family dinner. That's what my family always does, after all: dine at home. However, my dad went to Davao for a fieldwork and my mom had somewhere to go so I was free to make other plans.

I actually planned to buy chocolates for my single friends but I wasn't able to do so because it was raining so hard last Monday afternoon.

Thankfully, Kuya Steve invited Tantan and I to dinner at Technohub. We also managed to drag Sir Romeo. Singles date, yes! (At least, whenever someone asked me "Do you have a date later?" I got to say "Yes." LOL.)

First, Kuya Steve trolled Tantan and I by giving us Lala chocolate (that chocolate that costs ~Php10, LOL). I was like "Wow, Lala." But eventually, he gave us dark Toblerone chocolate, which I love. Yay thanks Kuya Steve! ^_^

We went to Red Kimono.

We ordered a sushi platter. The menu says it's good for 8 to 10 people but the four of us just downed it. 8 to 10 people? Yeah right. :)) The sushi was good though!

We also had unagidon (unagi means eel), which was very tasty. We also had curry tonkatsu (pork cutlet), which I think is a great because I love curry and the classic ebi (shrimp) tempura. Of course I wasn't able to take a photo because we were SUPER hungry by the time our food arrived.

I'd say Red Kimono has really good food but I also think that it's a bit too pricey (then again, I didn't pay the bill). Nevertheless, it's still great to try other restaurants.

While going home, I realized that it was actually my first time to dine out on Valentine's Day!

Next time, however, if and when I get a boyfriend, I'll just whip up some nice dinner for him (hopefully I'll have time). Either that or just dine out on another night that's not necessarily Feb14. All restaurants in Technohub yesterday were full of people and our order came really slow (can't blame the restaurant though). Also, commuting last night was a hassle because of the volume of people.

Nevertheless, it was a really great day and I'm glad I got to celebrate Valentine's Day! Thank you Kuya Steve, Tantan and Sir Romeo! 

I don't have a boyfriend and yet I went out on a date and even got chocolates on Valentine's Day, that's not bad at all!

Hmm, I still wish I was able to distribute chocolates and/or flowers to my single friends. It's been a busy week month and I'll continue being busy until March (maybe even April).

Maybe I'll buy ice cream when Dad arrives from Davao. :)

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