Friday, August 28, 2015

Urban Busan

After a morning in Beomeosa, I took off to Kyungsung-Pukyong Station for lunch and some shopping. It's a station which serves two universities (Kyungsung University and Pukyong National University) so needless to say, the place is filled with students and businesses catering to students. There were lots of restaurants, bars, and shops for clothes and makeup.

I had a kimchi fried rice (KRW4,500) for lunch. One of my problems in South Korea is that the servings are really huge! I never seem to be able to finish my food there. :( Good thing I was able to finish this one lol.

Afterwards, I walked around and saw this store selling macaron ice cream. Autumn was starting but that day, it was quite hot and humid so ice cream was more than welcome inside my tummy.

I had green tea macaron with yogurt ice cream for KRW3,500
I actually went around some of the shops but didn't find much that I liked. I did, however, went to a SkinFood shop and got a BB cream, which, unfortunately, I lost the next day. Darnit!! I must have left it at the hostel dresser when I used it the following day.

Anyway, when I got sick of the crowds in Kyungsung-Pukyong, I walked back to the subway station and then went to Gwangan Beach and took a walk.

When I got tired, I looked for a coffee shop where I could sit down for a view but I noticed that most coffee shops were full so, instead, I found a cafe that sells patbingsu!

Patbingsu is a famous dessert in Korea. It's like a Korean version of the Philippines' halo-halo or Japan's kakigori. This one I got contained sweetened red beans (anko), shaved almonds, mochi, and soybean powder (kinako). I was also given a shotglass of condensed milk.

Bought a patbingsu for KRW6,000

Unfortunately, the serving was seriously big. Actually, I think this is good enough for two persons (You see, I was given two spoons.) so, again, I couldn't finish my food. Sigh.

At dusk, I went for another walk.

When I got tired again, I just sat at a spot where Gwangan Bridge was almost perpendicular to my sight and snapped photos while observing people (mostly taking selfies and mostly with selfie sticks lol).

The morning was quite hot and humid but at dusk, it was very windy so I felt chilly.

After photographing this, I got up and walked back to the subway station to go back to my hostel.

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