Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beomeosa Temple in Busan, South Korea

I realized that I haven't finished documenting my trip to South Korea last October! That's why starting today, I will be posting more about that trip.

I woke up a bit early while most people at the hostel were still asleep. Back in October, I was still used to waking up at 4am lol. After eating breakfast at the hostel, I walked to Haeundae Station and took the subway to Beomeosa Station. I walked a bit and then arrived at the bus stop where I took Bus #90. 

The bus was quite crowded (although not as crowded at MRT or LRT lol) and even though the signs inside the bus were in Korean, it wasn't difficult to know where I was supposed to go down because everyone inside the bus seemed to be going to the same place.

I went down at Beomeosa, took a map and then went for a leisurely walk around. There were many people-- elderly locals, tourists, and local teens who seemed like they're having a school trip. However, the temple complex is very big so it didn't feel crowded at all.

There were lots of slopes and stairs but I'm happy to say that I managed. Because it's not as crowded as other temples, the environment was rather relaxing.

Because it's situated in the mountains, Beomeosa temple offered a lot of beautiful views.

Beomeosa also offers temple stay programs. It would have been a great experience but, unfortunately, my time in South Korea was pretty limited.

To be honest, Beomeosa was just another temple in South Korea. The good thing about it, however, is the peaceful environment. I had been staying in Haeundae and it was quite noisy for me, to be honest. Given a choice between a temple or a polluted street in the city, I'd still probably choose the temple.

At noon, when I started to get hungry, I went back to the bus stop, took the same bus back to the subway station and then went to Kyungsung-Pukyong Station for lunch.

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