Friday, July 24, 2015

Visiting the Gundam Model in Odaiba

Two years ago, I went to Japan for a summer program at The University of Tokyo. When the program ended (in Tohoku), I stayed a few more days to go sightseeing in Tokyo with my friend, Kyle, who's studying there.

The day the program ended, we took an overnight bus from Tohoku back to Tokyo. I saw the famous 'akamon' or the red gate of The University of Tokyo.

It's not as red as it seems in photos and my friend who studies there said it's really old. It's very fascinating, nonetheless.

Afterwards, I took the train to my friend's house and then we went to Odaiba.

I saw this in Inokashira Park, on our way from my friend's house to the nearest train station.
My friend lived very near the Ghibli Museum but I wasn't able to go because I couldn't buy tickets two weeks earlier.

It was a weekday but it was a holiday so Odaiba was very crowded! It was really hot and humid too (as Tokyo summers apparently are, which aren't so different from Manila summers). However, the moment I saw the famous 60-foot tall Gundam model, I was practically ecstatic! It is actually the only reason I wanted to visit Odaiba haha. When I was in Tokyo in 2012 for a conference, I had wanted to see the Gundam model but I was wrongly informed that it was already taken down. That's why I'm glad that I was able to visit Tokyo again a year later and see this 1:1 Gundam model.

Rainbow Bridge

We left quite early because my friend had part-time work that night and I was also very tired and lacking sleep that day because I wasn't able to sleep at the overnight bus ride from Tohoku.

Tokyo Teleport Station (what a cute name for a train station, lol)
Writing this post really makes me miss Japan a lot! A lot of my classmates from the summer program are actually telling me to visit Japan again so I really hope I can visit again soon.

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