Monday, May 11, 2015

Dinner at Nina's Cafe in Hue, Vietnam

After the Perfume River cruise, we were all eager to take a shower and then have dinner. We decided to eat at the highly rated Nina's Cafe. It was only one kilometer from the hostel. However, after passing through a couple of shady alleys, we started to wonder whether HERE Maps was accurate. Thankfully, when we saw a property lighted with pretty lanterns, we knew we had arrived at the right place.

Since we were all hungry, we decided to go for the set meals.

To start, I was served a Vietnamese pancake with bean sprouts, greens and peanut sauce. I was also given rice paper. 

What happens is you take a rice paper, add pancake, bean sprouts and greens, then roll it like a spring roll, seal it with water and then dip into the peanut sauce before digging in. In the background is passionfruit juice that contained a piece of kiamoy (some kind of preserved plum with very strong sweet/salty/sour flavors). The addition of kiamoy seemed odd at first but I realized that its flavors do compliment the passionfruit well.

Next was banana flower salad with shrimp and pork served with a dressing mainly composed of vinegar and fish sauce.

Banana flower salad with vinegar and fish sauce dressing

Next, I was served a dish with chicken on lemon grass skewers, bean sprouts, salad and peanut sauce. Same as the Vietnamese pancake, it's also rolled in rice paper. At this point, I couldn't eat any more so I gave half of my rolls to the boys haha.

I had removed the lemon grass already when I took the photo.

Then again, there's always room for dessert. I had flan with passionfruit topping.

I can't even express how this post makes me hungry even though I just had dinner. The food at Nina's Cafe was REALLY good (which most probably explains the high ratings). Did I mention that the set meal (excluding the drink) only costs VND150,000 (~USD 6.91 or PhP308.57)? For that amount and for that quality, Nina really gave me the bang for my buck!

Now, if you find yourself in Hue, Vietnam, don't miss this place!

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