Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paint, Cook, Brew

Made a few paintings over the long weekend:

yay galaxy!

I call this the watercolor sushi series. On another note, I need to practice my hiragana.

Because I've been seeing too much sakuras in my news feed

Last Saturday, I didn't have enough time to bake but I wanted to whip up something a bit more special than usual. Since I still had some leftover homemade anko (sweetened red bean paste), I looked for a dorayaki recipe and made some. The cakes didn't end up evenly-colored like the ones I've tried in Japan but they tasted good nonetheless

Dorayaki: Doraemon's favorite

I also bought a box of chai tea so hurray for homemade chai lattes!

Yesterday, I bought some Monterey Jack cheese to use for grilled cheese sandwiches. This morning, breakfast was grilled cheese with caramelized balsamic onions. Yum! I'll be experimenting with more grilled cheese sandwich variations over the next days.

Finally, a painting that Agents of SHIELD fans will understand:

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